SOREDEX SCANORA 3Dx head and neck bone scan

What makes 3D imaging magnificent? It gives accurate results, absolute flexibility, intuitive imaging, easy to use in high resolution.
Possibility of OPT imaging as well as 3D of the biggest possible field of vision, the smallest possible dose of X rays.

Digital 3D Röntgen kabinet Pašićeva 12

Advantages visible at first sight


  • Six plus two optional  imaging views from 50x50mm up to 240x165mm
  • Imaging views can be freely directed onto different parts of head and neck
  • Comprehensive software offer 


  • Patient in sitting position, head in natural position
  • 12” HD ClearTouchTM  easy to use control panel
  • Compatibility with the leading manufacturers of templates for guided implant installation 


  • DICOM/PACS compatibility
  • Optional RealPANTM CCD sensors for high quality panoramic imaging, with  2D/3D automatic mode option
  • Small size of the device